Rochester’s Experts in Remodeling

Rochester’s Experts in Remodeling

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A comfortable, aesthetically pleasing home for you and your family is possible. Turn to the experts in remodeling to bring that goal to fruition. For over 30 years, J W King Remodeling, Inc. has helped families across Webster, NY, and the Rochester area. We’re a general contractor, passionate about doing a top-quality job and serving our community because your satisfaction remains our highest priority.

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Home Additions

Are you at a place where you’re able to have a home addition? If you decide you’d like one, choose J W King Remodeling. As a general contractor, we can handle the different facets of a home addition, whether a new primary or guest bedroom, a sunroom or even the conversion of a garage to a living space.

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors can prove a delicate process. Done well, and they can bring a variety of functional and aesthetic benefits, from increased lighting and security to lines and colors that match other parts of the home’s design. Our team has the skills to install a variety of types to give you a safer, more beautiful home.


Proper siding can lower painting and maintenance costs, increase home value, and other fruitful outcomes. J W King Remodeling can install a variety of different types and materials. Choose what best serves your needs, and tastes and let us get to work for you.

Porches & Decks

Give your home even more character with an elaborate or nice-and-simple porch. We can build the right porch, no matter your home’s architectural style. Also, whether synthetic or wood, receive a deck that allows you to host cookouts with friends or stand out alone and watch a sunset. We’re experts in porches and decks and are here to help you.


Whether a one-door or multi-door, connected to the house or separate, we can build a gorgeous garage for your vehicles and other items. Several steps can go into a garage, from electricity to concrete – no need to worry. As a general contractor, we have the knowledge and resources to handle everything: from the concrete to electrical work.

Finished Basement

A finished basement can bring many opportunities and benefits: a play or second living room, another bedroom, a gym, increased home value, and more. If you decide you’d like one, reach out to J W King Remodeling. The elements of a finished basement require close attention to detail. With three decades of experience and a commitment to quality, we’re dedicated to delivering.


Have you ever dreamt of a kitchen with nice cabinets and an island countertop? We can bring that dream to reality. As a general contractor, we can create a kitchen with gorgeous tile, wooden cabinetry, new appliances, and more.


Choose us for any size, whether a half-bath or an extensive master bathroom. From the sink countertops to the plumbing work, we have the connections and experience to meet your specific goals and tastes.

Interior Trim

No matter your home’s year or style, choose J W King Remodeling for interior-trim work. We take the time to understand your goals and strive to install excellent trim to complement the elements in your house and leave guests awe-struck or envious.

Acoustical Ceilings

Whether for a living room, basement, or elsewhere, turn to us for acoustical ceilings, which can dampen noise, tastefully hide heating or cooling ducts, and provide other benefits. We have the equipment and skills to help you.

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Much time and money go into your home: a place for you and your family and to host guests. When you seek a remodel, large or small, you need someone with experience (decades of proven work), dedication to transparency and integrity, and an obsession with providing exceptional quality of work for the client. Our work allows us to help families across Webster, NY, and the Rochester area. Each client is a neighbor. We’re proud to have helped many, and we’re excited for the decades to come.

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